Fox Cookware Coffee Makers 

Key Features
Perfect device for making quality coffee on the bank
Lightweight aluminium construction
Easy to use and also very easy to clean
Security valve
Matt black finish

Misty early mornings on the bank aren’t the same without a warm cup of coffee warming your hands whilst you look out over the water watching for rolling fish. Fox feel these magic moments should be celebrated with a decent cup of coffee, subsequently the Fox Cookware Coffee Maker has been introduced to give you the option of making yourself and your bivvy mate a quality brew on the bank.

Constructed in the Italian Moka pot style, the Fox Coffee Maker sports a lightweight aluminium structure and is finished in matte black with subtle Fox Cookware branding to match the Fox Coffee Storage Pot.

The Coffee Maker functions in the traditional Moka pot way; the water tank at the base hold, you guessed it, water, the filter basket holds your coffee and the upper chamber collects your brew and you’re ready to pour.

Further features include a security valve on the water tank, a robust heat deflecting handle and lid knob and is available in 300ml and 450ml variants.

The Fox Coffee Maker will make you the most popular angler on the bank, the number of early morning visitors to your swim may double!

if you have any questions or are unsure before ordering, please message us first. 

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